The MYSC Davit Rope Kit was been specifically designed for our Luxury Motor Yacht clients - now available direct to the public. 

Quality New Zealand Made Product.

The MYSC Davit Rope can easily be retrofitted into an existing Davit Crane. New Zealand customers can also have this item fitted by one of our expert boat builders. Contact us for more details.

The rope is made from incredibly strong 6mm Dyneema, which has been professionally spliced through our custom designed eye hook.

Dyneema is one of the strongest ropes we can use for these applications - by weight it is 7 times stronger than steel!

The Lifting Eye Hook was developed specifically to stop the thimble from being crushed by the davit rope weight and damaging the rope.

All metal components used in this Davit Rope Kit are the highest quality 316 Stainless Steel.

Included in this kit:

  • 15m of New Zealand made quality Dyneema rope
  • Quality 316 stainless steel Snap Hook
  • Quality 316 stainless steel Lifting Eye Hook

Suitable for lifting up to 800KG.

This Davit Rope could easily be used on applications outside of Davit Cranes such as winches or ute cranes.

For folding davit cranes - It is very important that the rope is not pinched into any folding points - this could damage the Dyneema rope and cause it to break. Ensure that you keep plenty of tension on the rope while in use and folding your davit.

Davit Rope Kit

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